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Spiritual Intelligence Based on the Unbribable Laws of Life for Steady Personal Development

This website is about how to make the best lemonade of our personal both lemons and oranges life has handed to us.

What Is Spiritual Intelligence?

In their pioneering book bearing (and coining) this name, “Spiritual Intelligence”, Danah Zohar and Ian Marshall described this term (short: SQ) as being that intelligence helping us deal with values and meaning of life. The intelligence which also helps us seeing the bigger picture of our actions and of life itself, and which cannot be subscribed to the already well known Intelligence Quotient or to its younger sibling, Emotional Quotient EQ.

Good old IQ helps getting good results with our logic. Airplanes, sharp thin needles and the Maths Doctorate degree swear on it. The EQ helps us feel and act adequately in different situations. It’s the intelligence allowing us to cool down after our boss slapped the door in our nose. 

At the extremes, we see pure emotional intelligence in animals. They are almost perfect in EQ. They feel how to correctly react in situations, even in unexpected ones.

But have you ever heard about a dog pondering upon his life’s goal, or being sad about the apparent lack of meaning of it all?

At the other extreme, computers are obviously almost perfect in pure IQ. In logic. But can you imagine a computer thinking

I actually believe that 0 has greater a value than 1?


Could there be anything more in life than 0 and 1?

Both IQ and EQ act still in the limits set by this large scale, earnest game called life. Whereas the spiritual intelligence, SQ, allows us to be creative, to challenge the limits. To ask

WHY are those limits there in the first place?

... and accordingly maybe change rules and situations. Or ask,

What have I done wrong in this argument with my boss?

The Spiritual Intelligence SQ gives the meaning of life. It points the directions. Shows us the bigger picture of this or that detail of our lives, dictating us HOW to frame and see it. Makes us understand metaphors and also learn from our past - to prevent reviving it in our future.

And THAT spells personal growth...

Life can be understood only backwards. But living - we must live it forwards. (Kierkegaard)

This is actually also the aim of this website: 

Personal Development
as a part of the common effort of increasing the collective Spiritual Intelligence 
eventually leading to better versions of ourselves
and of our world...
All made stable through obeying the Laws of Life.