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Assumed Sufferance and Life Lessons

Personal Development: Know Thyself and
You Will Know the Universe and the Gods

Ever thought thoughts like Why is that Know thyself THAT famous? Or Why all this fuss about personal development?

That Know thyself is written for ages on the Oracle from Delphi in Greece. It had enough power from within to spread and become known all-over the world. It moved something in humanity´s soul for ages, otherwise we wouldn’t talk about it now.


My counter-question is: what if you would plan to climb the Everest? No, I am not nuts. (Not that I knew :) ... ) My question does relate to that Know thyself.

So, what if you would plan to climb the Everest? Would you venture to do it without knowing you can do it? That you have the physical strength to climb hours and days on end, hard slopes through permanent snows and ice on unbeaten paths? Through various degrees of strong winds, maybe blowing and thrusting around sharp ice needles? In thin and thiner air, or with a mask on yor face?

Would you venture to do it without knowing you do have the spiritual strength to bear those harsh conditions and many more, and not give in? To stand and even soothe the maybe bad temper of your companions? To stand your own temptation to loose the temper or to become selfish, withdrawing from jobs to be done or from helping the others? To bear the lack of everything cosy and comfortable?

Could you look at your own powerless-ness and find the strength in it, or in you, to wake up in the morning, get out of your somewhat warmer sleeping bag, and start all over again from the point you have let it down in the eve?

If your aim is to get on that Everest, than you must know you can do it. That you, for your part, wouldn’t be the reason why your team would fail. Team’s failure is your failure too.

Why should we venture in our lives without knowing what our strengths and weaknesses are? What makes us give in, what makes us give up, and what makes us warm up? What makes us bribable or blackmail-able and what is our price, and what makes us go nuts and spoil maybe the best and oldest friendship?

Well, we might have the illusion that life is not quite like climbing on Everest. We might have the illusion that we are on our own.

We are not. We are not alone and we are not on our own. (One of my next articles to write.)

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