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Why Forgive?

Life Is a School

The basic idea of this site is that we are all students in life´s school.  That Life is a School by its very nature. This simple paradigm, this life´s metaphor, can make wonders!

What is the purpose of life

What a question... I hear you already: „My life‘s purpose is to be happy.”

And what happens when you are not?

Then you begin to fall. Swiftly.

What if we decide the purpose of our life is to learn?

Then, all of a sudden, there is no more falling. At least not a perfect one.
Whatever happens, we can draw something positive out of it
and use the result as a mean to move forwards.

If you see Life as a school, then your purpose is to learn. And then, whatever happens, you win something! 

If somebody calls you bad words, you learn.  (… New bad words; his real character; how to correctly shrug about it… ) If your apricots spread for drying went bad, you learn. If somebody dear to you betrays you, you learn. All the love letters from your ex-lover lost? You learn. The bag with the money you got for the house / car / ground you’ve sold lost? You learn. With more difficulty, but you learn. 

It’s enough that you want to learn. Without lamenting or self-pity and scapegoating. Just go to the end of the grief and then recover. Learn, and come back to life.

Seeing Life as a School we can extract from anything coming our way something positive.

Buddha was right. Life is suffering.

Bacardi was also right. Life is a party.

... Until you don’t understand that A = B while A = – B too, irrespective of B being zero or not, you can’t understand life...

Deniz was also right. Deniz was a Turkish friend of my husband in their studies' times back in our Vienna era. He used to say Das Leben ist nicht etwas Seriöses. That is... 

Life is not something serious.

It´s being long since we´ve lost sight of Deniz, but we remember his words every once in a while. We then relax. The sky is still cloudy above us after remembering it, but at least we remember the sun - and our son. Our son said once, 4 and a half years old, in a typical-typical, TYPICAL November day...

It´s a beautiful day today too, Mom, only the sun is somewhere else!





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