Overview - Getting the Best of This Site

Life Is a School provides the basic model, the basic paradigm of this whole site. Life is seen exactly like a school where we come to learn some lessons, each of us different ones. For Jimmy might selfishness be the problem, while stinginess is by now means an issue. And by Johnny could be exactly the other way round. How will their lives look like, how does this affect them?

The articles in the Universal Laws of Life and Nature category show, with examples, that the Laws in Universe are the same at all levels.

The category Esoteric, Physics and Religion deals with the connection between these three apparently separate and quarreling, irreconcilable, incompatible fields.

A future category called Everything Is Energy or so will show that... Everything ... IS ... energy. And that´s why everything is inter-connected.

The Laws of Life section develops the topic of the unseen laws of life at work behind the apparent chaos and random of the events in our lives. (They are NOT random.)

... Whereas the Stories include different kind of stories which may be read separately. They are deemed to help illustrate or argue points in at least one article. OR they can voice their own ideas related to some spiritual intelligence points. They may be either parables or inspirational stories made by someone else, or texts I have written by myself. Or a mixture of those, like the comments about some movies and the future articles about film metaphors.

The section Our Society´s SQ points at the collective spiritual intelligence. Depicting and analyzing undesirable overall, collective values, behaviors and way of thinking, we may recognize and understand our own share in them. Which we then might want to change.

Personal Development articles are mostly the "How to" type. How to deal with, How not to deal with, or What if we do or don´t deal with.
  THE BASIC IDEA IS that a high Spiritual Intelligence enhances Personal Development, Personal Development enhances Spiritual Intelligence back...
  ... And both provide us tools for understanding life and making the best out of it.

IF we ground this knowledge on the understanding and observing the Laws of Life, we lay the foundation of a life with a minimized suffering.