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How to Lose Weight w/o Yo-yo Effect

Soft Belly Fat

Hard Belly Fat

Soft and Hard Belly Fat

  • Why in the world can’t I get slim in spite of eating so less?
  • Do I start having a hard belly fat too beneath my flabby fat rings on the surface,
  • ... or it´s only my imagination?

These questions tantalized me during the past few years. It’s not much overweight in my case, a version of myself with only 10 kilos less would let me content. Even 7-8 would do. But in spite of strong dieting, I  have realized recently that I COULDN’T really GET RID OF THEM!!!

... I knew any question gets once its answer. One of my fat-related questions dates back in my teenager time, and I got its answer only now, 30 years later. But for the questions above starting the article I wanted an answer NOW, not when I´ll be 70 years old. And I got it! Even three of them. Two answers fit me and my situation, the third one fits the persons with hard belly fat.

Yes, now I know: mine is much of a soft belly fat. But let´s first make the presentations:

Hard Belly Fat and Soft Belly Fat

Upon research I found out that the hard belly fat is actually fat accumulating under the abdominal muscles, i.e. beyond the muscles at the surface of our bellies, e.g. around internal organs. It is also known as visceral fat or omental fat. And the soft belly fat is caused by "soft” fat, accumulating subcutaneously, that is between your (our!) skin and the abdominal wall / muscles. It makes rings, and we can grasp it between the fingers. The hard belly fat cannot be grasped this way, since the abdomen is really hard.

The hard belly fat is hence deeper than the soft belly fat. It is also the one causing the most problems with health - heart, circulation, cholesterol and so on.

The main question for me became 

What makes the body (or who/whatever is in charge) decide this will be hard belly fat, this one here soft belly fat. What is the crucial factor for that?

Overview of the FAT questions (in the Soft and Hard Belly Fat category):

  • Why can’t I get slim in spite of strict diet?
  • What are the real causes of me being fat?
  • Can I prevent the yo-yo effect?

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  • Why do I have a hard fat belly? 
  • What are the real causes of me being fat with a hard belly, and the real causes of hard belly fat?

... Read about The Spiritual Causes of the Hard Belly Fat

  • Why do I have a soft fat belly?
  • What are the real causes of me being fat with a flabby belly, and the real causes of soft belly fat?

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You may skip the part below if you only want the answers to some question above, but I would still recommend it if you are interested in some related literature which may help tremendously. It worked for me, not only in fat related questions. (There is also an almost-premonition leading me to one of them.) 

The Matrix of the Body Fat

The first question about "Why can’t I get slim in spite of strict diet?" had its answer in a book of Eckhart Tolle, A New Earth. I found in this book the idea of the pain body and I understood that my (soft belly) fat was filling the energetic matrix of a strong sufferance of my soul. If you too have been having strong negative feelings of any nature and causing you sufferance (reproach, unforgiving-ness, shame, guilt...) for at least some months, you should read this article.

Hints for the Hard Belly Fat

... came by reading the book Wheels of Life by Anodea Judith. I highly recommend it as a highly informative book crowning at least the books I have read abut the body-mind connections. (The story about how I came across this particular one is a little Ask and it´s given (respectively answered) story you may like - just scroll that article, you´ll find it story in a red Sidebar.) More here.

Hints for the Soft Belly Fat

I can´t say anymore which particular book gave me the answer to the third question, about the soft belly fat. It could be also from Sonia Choquette´s Balancing Your Chakras, or Anatomy of the Spirit: The Seven Stages of Power and Healing, by Caroline Myss. (It seems the authors don´t have these earlier books of them in their shops, but you may still find them on the internet.) More here.


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