Oltea Goia-Demian

Reading Danah Zohar´s and Ian Marshall´s book Spiritual Intelligence I had a great A-ah. And an equally great A-ha too. I had already known all along that the IQ, EQ and the other multiple intelligences I had read about were not quite enough. While enjoying (and suffering from) an actually high IQ, I felt that I was also good at something being connected rather with the soul but still different of the Emotional Quotient EQ. The EQ, I knew it without having ever measured it, was clearly not one of my strengths.

I knew also that the other intelligences - the musical, the social, the visual-spatial and all the rest - were not describing that special thing that I knew I had some kind of mastery upon. It was however at work in my ability (which now I know it´s to be subscribed to the Spiritual Intelligence)...

  • ... to see the bigger picture
  • ... to see the good part of anything labeled as "bad"
  • ... to notice patterns in everything - in thoughts and behavior, in timelines of events, in society, in stone pavements :) ...
  • ... to quickly create metaphors and see connections between things, even if they were usually seen as unrelated. (It helps while trying to explain your kids the combustion of the car and make them see it´s like their digestion!)
  • I must have driven crazy my parents as I was a child. I am almost 47 by now and I still want to know the WHY and HOW of everything. Not like Why and How did Anna move away, but like

    • Why, if we touch a point on the left side of our body, we can tell exactly what is its symmetrical counterpart on the right side?
    • Why in both Japanese and Latin, Monday is the day of Moon, Tuesday is the day of Mars and so on? They are 1:1 the same! Not only in Latin, actually. (I think I´ve read once the Japanese have their weekdays from the (Middle-East) Chaldeans. Then the gap is smaller. But still, without direct contact, why is it the same?)
    • How many acquaintances does it take to reach from an Aborigine near Uluru Rock to Nea´ Gheo´? Nea´ Gheo´ is a shepherd in the mountains of Romania who has never descended from his dwelling in the mountains before reaching 19 (and never went much further even after that). (... I have first asked myself this question back in my studying time in late ´80s. I´ve recently googled something and learned: this is called "degrees of separation". There are 7 acquaintances in between.)
    • How deep, what is the distance we can see in a forest? How does this distance change with the density of trees per square meter, and their average thickness?
    • Why are people mean with each other? (I can now explain this, but still don´t understand.)

    This kind of WHY´s and HOW´s were why it was fine for me studying Physics. My heart would have liked to study Psychology, or Literature, or Arts, but Physics is great too. I´ve even graduated with a grade higher than 9, out of 10. 

    A Short Informal CV - Oltea Goia-Demian

    • Romanian born, emigrating in Austria; un-emigrated 2006
    • Basically Physics teacher and outdoor team-building trainer
    • 3 yrs. Japanese culture and Chinese Studies at Vienna Univ.
    • married (already 25 years relation), mother of two twin angels, university students, loving, wise and beautiful souls (and design too)
    • fluent in English, German, and French, pretty fluent in Japanese, somewhat familiar with Chinese and Hungarian
    • half-globetrotter (basically backpacked in 4 continents, about 45 countries)
    • mountaineer (caves and even some rock climbing included, plus Everest Base Camp)
    • Abstract art photos and concept fashion jewelry exhibitions in Austria, Switzerland and Romania
    • Author of the 100% original (and beautiful) architecture project of our house we are living now in (and 50% construction supervisor)
    • Author of two e-books: one with religion true stories and one featuring a new style of abstract art photos
    • various experiences like
    • teaching Chemistry
    • proofreading and commenting a doctorate paper in Christian Orthodox Theology
    • magazine articles in Romania and Japan
    • as a teenager partaking in making a short film with a Kids´Club
    • partly html (website building)
    • gardening
    • various vegetarian international cooking
    • different techniques of handwork and technical repairs
    • baby-sitting
    • senior-citizens-sitting :), 
    • (jewelry) shop clerk
    • waitress 
    • painting course
    • alternative / energetic therapy (course and practicing)
    • Art History and Fashion Drawing courses 
    • personal development courses as a trainer or as a participant
    • music (symphonic, ethno, synthesizer)
    • extensive reading of int´l and Romanian literature 
    • (Oriental) philosophy and practical psychology

    Surely you´ve noticed the diversity of experiences (coming from a basic interest in human nature and general knowledge), and, maybe, the lack of prizes. I did win some during my studies, in Maths, Literature, Physics, French, Photography or Gym. But growing old I started to increasingly dislike this kind of competitions. I now have a word to say about this...