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Everything Is Energy - Energy in Our Lives

The articles in this Everything Is Energy category are rather technical. Still, if you are interested about the scientific background of this site, don´t be afraid to read them. I have shared this knowledge with my 13-14 years old students and they got it.

There is much more energy in our lives working behind the scenes than we perceive. This energy is the "glue" linking apparently disparate or distant events and "elements of life", like health and happiness and incidents and accidents. 

In this category we´ll be laying the scientific foundations.

Whatever its nature is, energy obeys to the same laws. It is important to understand this because we may get stuck under the impression that the energy which allows us to move and think, and all the energies back in the Physics book (elastic, thermal, nuclear, kinetic i.e. movement´s energy) are different. They are not. They are all forms of energy no different from each other - because they are able to convert into each other, as shown in the table at the end of this Wiki page. (Don´t stumble it´s in Romanian. Many terms are similar with English and for the rest you may use an automatic translator.) We only need appropriate energy converters.

One of the common things for all these energies and for energy in general is obeying to the law of conservation. There is a great English saying expressing this conservation law in very practical terms: you don´t get more than you pay for. In scientific terms, "The energy you get equals the energy you give".

Because, yes, ... ever thought? Not only everything you get is a form of energy, as Saint Einstein once said and as it´s a bit discussed in this article. Money is also a form of energy! I picture it roughly as sort of energy "can" where you store the energy of your work.)

Anything needs energy in order to exist. Without energy no movement, no thinking, nothing and no-thing. By acting upon something we change the levels of energy of all things implied. By helping someone we give energy, by eating we take in energy, by loving we give and take energy, by being sad we loose energy...

And since energy is in perpetual motion, this motion may have different patterns. This is important. Because 

If we understand the energy flow of different events in our life, we may know what follows.

Just imagine this energy flow like a river. It can be too much water, too scarce, it can split, it can come again together, it can stop its flow for a while, it can accumulate, it can set in motion other objects, can cover something and so on... (A short example below and a more elaborate one in a future article.) It´s interesting to notice how things well apart of each other obey to the same energy flow. Like in the simple example of digestion and combustion. Do you see it´s the same thing? Taking in "fuel", using it to move and perform actions, discarding things not anymore necessary. The same energy in different materializations...


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