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If We Get the Bigger Pictures
We Understand what Was All About

sometimes literally

Bigger Picture and the Spiritual Intelligence

  The pictures you´ll see in this category are related to the Spiritual Intelligence in several ways by illustrating, live, some of its assessments.

1) From OUR point of view we usually can´t see the whole picture. Imagine a ladybird landing on this photo here! She thinks it is a smooth grey surface, and that´s all. Grey in grey...  
  What makes US think that the grey we see in our life is really grey and only grey, and nothing else?!

A ladybird can´t see, can´t grasp the photo she has landed on.

2) Things are not always what they seem to be. (I would like to frame this too, but it´s not mine and I don´t know whom I quote here.) Even if the ladybird sees this whole photo before landing, are you sure she understands it? 
  Do YOU know what is pictured in this photo?! It seems surreal, un-understandable, or Photoshop-(p)ed, right?

... The "a-ha"!  all the future pictures yet to come in this "Bigger Picture" category will all parallel the "a-ha!" we might utter when we have the spiritual intelligence to see our lives from afar. But usually, concerned with the details of "here and now", we don't see it, and what it's all about. We almost always forget that what may look like a great bad luck, later may prove to be our greatest stroke of luck ever. (Who knows how many people became utmost happy because they had failed their interview for a job in the World Trade Center in August 2001...) 

3) Beauty is everywhere. Harmony too. It depends on how we look at it. 
  The picture our imaginary ladybird could have landed on is a photo of this 3D reality nearby. Can you see in this Bigger photo the excerpt, the little picture the ladybird could not understand? And can you see my hand holding a mirror, with some donuts-like pieces of jewelry on it, below the hanging light? Well, yes, you can´t see the lights itself, they were too far above. But you can see their mirrorings.
  ... Not quite a reality ready for an exhibition photo, isn´t it.

Among my Art Photos -I have thousands- this one is one of my best exhibitions-photo. 

Yes. All the photos in this "Bigger Picture" category show a principle that my Photo and Film course teacher, Csontos Istvan RIP, used to say: "Wherever you are, whatever you have around, you can take a good picture". He meant of course an ART photo. 
   With respect to the Spiritual Intelligence, I've changed it to: 

Wherever you are, you can find beauty and harmony.

We only need to actively look for that beauty and harmony. Look around from a beautiful and harmonic spot in your soul, no matter how teeny-weeny it might be, and you'll find it!

4) Honesty and genuineness and naturalness ARE worth, even in our world. (They are even marketable, if this is one of your concerns! Think the so-called straight photography, i.e. 100% un-edited photos.) 

Unnatural perfection and styling of the surface is not needed IF the content has power by itself. If the content has something to say, there's no need for effects or "make-up"! Even small flaws may be acceptable, and we don't have to change the image to experience a "Wow"! 

The Japanese make it on purpose. Their "wabi-sabi" principle speaks also about (intentional) imperfection. I´ll write once an article about this, and about how perfectionism spoils our life...

5) There is always an explanation!
  There is always a Bigger picture explaining what was all about. in the picture, or in our life. Ask, and it is given. Ask for the answer, and you´ll get it. TOmorrow or in 5 years. Just be patient and confident. Remember Kierkegaard on homepage? Life is understood backwards, but lived forwards.





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