Cob House Building

You´ll say, it´s crazy: cob house building without money, without anybody to help with the work. It seems I do have the place for building the cob house below - it´s being decided now, in the very moments I am writing these lines, whether I'll really get the tenure for the wonderful piece of land I applied some months ago. (They said I'd get it, but it's only today it will be final.) And there are some people who said they would help me with various aspects.

What I also have is a strong determination to leave no stone unturned until I make this project come true: a Dacian Village where participants can live as our ancestors, these Dacians, used to live 2000 years ago. It is meant to provide the financial support for a Real, Vivid School which will start with a kindergarten and will function in a Pay-what-you-want system.

I have applied for a cultural grant toward end of April. And I thought, why should I just wait whether they say Yes or No? I can use this summer to build something already - namely that small fairy tale house, and one earth-sheltered house. If I get the grant, great. If not, I'll have then the whole winter to search financial support by actually showing what I want to do.

Here it is how it will look like. Walls of cob, green roof or straw roof.

Volunteers for a Fairy Tale House /Cob House Building Needed!

Are you planing a holiday this summer (2014) in Europe? Want to gain some practice in making a cob house? Contact me and stretch your plans to Romania! It is much more beautiful than what you expect. You'll see that not only the country is wonderful and has a bit of everything. But also that real Romanians are genuinely nice people. (The ones who hold the headlines in Western newspapers are merely Gypsies living in Romania. They are causing also us problems, even if not all of them.)

Back to my cob house building. I'll continue this article as soon as I have some spare time, with the reasons why I strongly believe it will become an inspirational article. (Now I have to do some organizational work and e.g. contact dozens of Architecture Universities in Europe.) If Stephan Meurisch can go on foot without money from Munich / Germany to Tibet, why shouldn't I be able to make a little cob house without money?

... I have a dream, a beautiful Dacian Village, and a wonderful, Vivid School Full of Sparks to be financed by it (err, don´t follow the link if you can´t speak Romanian). And I hope God, Universe, my Angels, my Saints or whoever is in charge will think it's about time to make it come true... 

(work in progress)




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