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Balance in Life and a Geometry Law - or
How to Reach Balance in Our Lives

Balance in life is something we should observe, if we don´t want it to become shaky. But if something is too much, it will becomeSo, what are the ingredients of a life in balance? 

First let us mention the Geometry Law in the title. It says...

The Said Geometry Law

... Any three non-collinear points (that is, points which are not situated on the same line) define a plane. 

In other words, through three non-collinear points there is only one plane that can pass. 

To bridge the gap to our everyday life, we should first visualize this Geometry law like this: if we have a table with four legs, there are chances that the table is shaky. Complying with this law and because of it, a table with three legs is never shaky. Through the points where these legs touch the ground can pass one plane and only one. There is no other plane to switch to. This table is stable. Always in balance.

How does this relate with the balance in our lives?! 

... The Indians have a great philosophy. And they have an answer to this question. They say, life is in balance when the three main ingredients of life are in balance. And these three compounds are Work, Pleasure and Faith.

Any life is in balance when its three main ingredients are in balance: Work, Pleasure and Faith.

A life observing only two of these compounds is surely unhappy. The more so a life spent only in one of these points!

Now, don’t take it very narrow.

Work means both the job (or some other work like taking care of one´s parents), as everything resulting from it: career, money, social status, power.

Pleasure means, yes, es expected, all things which make us happy: be it love, friendship, generally what we call fun, a hobby or the small / big pleasures of everyday life.

And Faith means of course, Faith in the religious meaning of the word. But also introspection. Thinking about one´s own life and its big WHY. Meditation.

Some Considerations about Balance in Life 

It is almost obvious that actually the three compounds, Work, Pleasure and Faith, correspond, at least traditionally, with the body, the soul and the mind respectively. Now, in our days Work is not always (or rather not) physical but it gears our mind or also our soul, and pleasure is not anymore so far away from effort (think fitness centers and tell me there is pure pleasure and no sweat...)

What I mean to say is: take this not very literally, but try to see what I try to tell you. 


Indians say: A life is in balance when Work, Pleasure and Faith are in balance.

Europeans say the same but in terms of mind, body, soul which should be equally expressed and addressed

P.S. Ideally any activity of us should have all these compounds if we want it to be balanced! 1) It should teach us something, thus addressing the mind hence our thinking, 2) It should ask an effort from us and make our body work, and 3) It should make fun, pleasure, so that our soul gets its share too! This should be the basic principle of an ideal school...

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