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How to Lose Weight without Yo-yo Effect

The question How to lose weight plagues us since the beauty standards changed from the roundness showing wealth (= materialized energy in a time when food WAS a problem), to the body shape showing a high body control (in modern times, when the problem is having the high energy of a strong will power to refrain from the pleasure of food). 

Beauty means usually also a high level of energy. It´s the mere quality of this energy that changed over time.

We know it unfortunately all too good: we´ve barely lost some kilos, that the moment we stop the diet they start to come back. I myself have my problems with some extra weight. I was in a dead end. I had tried the hard way, by not eating, but it didn’t help. Or it helped but then the yo-yo effect slapped.

Ever thought what is the mechanism behind this? Or, conversely, how to lose weight without this yo-yo effect?

The yo-yo effect happens because we put ourselves in the same situation as if we want to pump water out of an inundated room. We may pump it out enthusiastically, but if we don´t switch the water tap off, the moment we stop pumping, the water starts to accumulate again.

I have found by now three answers for this question. They go hand in hand with understanding Why we are fat. (There will be later on on this site some articles about the science behind. For the time being try to simply accept the intuitive explanations.)

If you want your extra kilos be REALLY gone, you should switch off that leaking, not the mentioned water tap, but the "fat tap" pouring that fat into your body!

How on Earth can we switch it off? The answers here go to the essence, to the core of the problem, and that´s why they offer a durable solution. They are not easy to follow for everybody, but they are working! If the conditions when they apply match you (and they match most of people), you´ll find the answer about how to lose weight, and stay there.

... It´s only when we see the bigger picture we know what was a life lesson about. 

Exactly like with these pictures above and below...

These questions don’t aim at fighting the fat, but the opposite:

  1. We first try to understand Why we are fat and What makes us fat,
  2. Then see What can we change in those reasons
  3. And then How we can do that. (I link at the end to an related article about a personal example how to change what we think we should change.)

How to Lose Weight - Question 1:
WHY Are We Fat?

Answer no. 1 of 3: one cause what makes us fat is the PAIN BODY

This answer dawned upon me while reading Eckhart Tolle’s book A New Earth where this concept of pain body appears. The answer is based on the idea that feelings and thoughts are energy too, which I have discussed here.

The PAIN BODY is the energy of all our hurt and painful feelings or thoughts that we invisibly carry around. 

(If these hurt feelings are very strong they also make us sick upon a mechanism the classic medicine begins to recognize, and which I will describe later. It was discovered by late Dr. Candace Pert, RIP, she was proposed for Nobel for that. I highly recommend her book „Molecules of Emotions”!)

The pain body is the subtle energetic matrix of the fat. The fat simply fills that matrix. If there was no matrix to fill (like the pain body´s matrix or other energetic matrix we’ll discuss later in answers 2 and 3), fat has no energetic support for its existence. As simply as that.

The pain body feels for ourselves (or the others around us) like a heaviness we cannot really put in words. The opposite of the unbearable lightness of being. On a psychological level it makes us re-ignite, or come over and over again to the bad thoughts and feelings of the object of our sufferance. (Our lover betrayed or left us. Somebody hurt us. We have lost a great career or income, or we don’t find one. Our kids could be better. We are not as beautiful or healthy as we´d like to. And so on.)

You´ve seen already a few of these photos. It´s the same like when we get our first life lesson: we usually don´t understand it. Then we get a similar one. We see it´similarity with the first one, but we still don´t get it... Until we some time do understand what was all about!

There is a bitter sweetness in thinking those thoughts again and again, even if we know that we don’t ease the problem. We only add some extra energy to that pain body, and make it stronger. This will call for more fat...  

 Because we had suffered this or that, our subconscious mind feels like „As a compensation, I deserve that chocolate”. Or, on a deeper level: we feel the lack of energy inside us and try to compensate with energy from outside. The easiest energy to get is the one from food.

The subconscious mind feels deserted, and then feels it has to get some energy from outside – mostly in form of food. 

How to Lose Weight - Question 2: 
What Can We Change in the CORE of the Reasons of Being Fat?

We CAN change something by filling that hole in our soul.

The problem is that the energy from outside is not the same quality (frequency) as the energy of our sufferance that it should level. Hence that „hole in our soul” is not covered by the energy of the food taken in to fill it. Moreover, now we have some extra energy in form of food we didn’t actually need, in the first place. And exactly here is the solution:

If there was no "hole in the soul”, we wouldn’t feel the need for extra energy!

But fact is, we do have the hole in the soul. We cannot change that. It happened.

Then, let’s change its basic information!

Change the Basic information?! That is...? Well, here is where the Laws of Life may help:

Law of Life no. 1

Everything in order to exist is built upon a basic information. Information is the heart of anything. 

Strong enough information gets a clothing of energy. Enough appropriate energy is clad in matter. It is as if an energy matrix is filled with matter. Very much like building a house: we first get the idea, than the plans (these are the information), we start putting our efforts and money into it (that is energy, money is energy too, look here!) and eventually on this information we put some matter. And there you are, our new house!

Law of Life no. 1 applied to our sufferance:

  1. The information is Thinking about our loss as being a sufferance...
  2. ... This information leads to the energy of (bad) feelings (remember: feelings are energy too)...
  3. ... Which materializes by accumulating fat.

And here is the solution. Stop thinking about the loss as being a sufferance!

But this is the hard part: to accept our sufferance. It is only you can do it. No pill, no medicine will ever do it for you. The upside of this is that, once you have accepted, if you keep your mind focused on it, day after day, you will overtake control over your body. Over your urge to eat. And your weight loss will stay stable. Otherwise you will keep diet over diet and afterwards you´ll come back to your over-weight. 

Spiritual Intelligence / Personal  Development to Take Home

So, How can we lose weight and avoid the yo-yo effect? The first answer quotes the late Japanese emperor Hirohito: by "accepting the unacceptable and bearing the unbearable" sufferance in our life. That makes disappear the fat´s energetic foundation.

How to Lose Weight - Question 3:
HOW Can We Fill the Hole in Our Soul?

That is, How can we accept the unacceptable? 

The easiest way is to put something instead of it. It is not really easy, we do need some effort, but it is easier than just ban the thought away. Without effort no result. Not a durable one, at least.

(Here you can read an article about how to re-think a loss.)


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