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Grated Cheese

Toilet Paper

Chocolate box

Chocolate Box Poiana

Abstract Art Photos

All the articles in this category are meant to help you to literally get the bigger picture of most of the photos illustrating the articles of this site.

All the abstract art photos here are made by myself. They are all straight (or pure) photos, that is they are not edited in any manner whatsoever. Not even cropped. They militate for the democratization of art: more FEELINGS. Less professionalism and high-tech replacing them. An artwork should transport you in the realm of feelings. 

I used to use a film-Nikon F50 (until it broke in 2006), and for developing - the supermarkets in our neighborhood. Then I switched to its digital cousin, Nikon D50. 

They are an embodiment of the original idea of art, to raise the energy level of the people coming in contact with it. To bring more harmony in their soul. More beauty in their lives.

Almost-Easter Eggs

... Any idea, what´s this? Looks like an (Easter) Egg, it´s not.

It´s the oil in a special bowl (you see in this last photo also its handle) to be poured onto a pizza, for example!

This is no illustration for any article. It was my surprise-Easter egg for you, published on an Easter Day 2014 at the beginning of the article Why We’re Singles: Our Society of Lonely People.

Chocolate Box Cherry Queen

An empty chocolate box

Illustration for menu category  Soft and Hard Belly Fat

Chocolate Box Poiana

Chocolate Box Poiana

Illustration for Hard Belly Fat - the Real, Spiritual Causes

Chocolate box Poiana by flashlight

Illustration for Soft Belly Fat - the Real, Spiritual Causes

Grated Cheese

  Grated Cheese with different lights and backgrounds

  Illustrations for How to Lose Weight without Yo-yo Effect

Toilet Paper

Soaked Toilet Paper

Illustration for Assumed Sufferance Always Teaches Us a Valuable Life Lesson - HOW Can We Fill the Hole in Our Soul?

(work in progress)




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