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The Hard Belly Fat of the Hard Bellies - Its Real, Spiritual Causes

Why do some people have hard bellies? Are there two kinds of fat, i.e. a hard belly fat and a soft belly fat? Why?! And what makes the one, and what the other?

 These are questions from my teen-age time. I had noticed there are people with a hard big belly, really hard, and other with a soft big belly, with a flabby appearance. In the past few years I myself had accumulated a larger flabby belly than my usual one, and since I couldn’t anymore get slim with diet, I tried harder to find an answer to my fat-concerning questions. Because understanding the WHY gives you a way to handle.

It is like turning off the tap pouring continuously water in the flooded room you try hard to empty. It is meaningless to carry out bucket after bucket, if the tap is still flowing...

I got two of the answers incidentally, as I have mentioned here, in a book about chakras. But first, some details about the two kind of fats we carry around. (I except here the fat in our blood, the triglycerides.)

Hard Belly Fat and Soft Belly Fat

Upon research I found out that the hard belly fat is actually fat accumulating under the abdominal muscles, i.e. beyond the muscles at the surface of our bellies, e.g. around internal organs. It is also known as visceral fat or omental fat. And the soft belly fat is caused by "soft” fat, accumulating subcutaneously, that is between your (our!) skin and the abdominal wall / muscles. It makes rings, and we can grasp it between the fingers. The hard belly fat cannot be grasped this way, since the abdomen is really hard.

The hard belly fat is hence deeper than the soft belly fat. It is also the one causing the most problems with health - heart, circulation, cholesterol and so on.

The chakras book I mentioned above (i.e. Wheels of Life by Anodea Judith) speaks, how did you guess it, about chakras. In its beginning chapter about how they work, I read ( I re-translate into English from Romanian): 

A hyper-activated third Chakra leads to a strong big belly.

That is, to our hard belly fat.

Of course, you will now ask...

Chakras?!?! Yes. They used to belong to the Oriental medical, meditational and philosophical systems. After the researches of almost-Nobelist Dr. Candace Pert, RIP, they slowly get also into the attention of Occident’s science. Here some details. Below just a kind of preview:

Chakras are formations of a non-physical nature making the connection between our physical body and our thoughts and emotions.

The main Chakras are seven and the third one is about power. (Personal power, to be more exact.) It makes the connections between the thoughts and emotions related to personal power, and the body - through the mechanism discovered by late Dr. Candace Pert in the article mentioned above.

A healthy, normally functioning Chakra is what we wish we had but it´s not always the case. Their functioning mode range from closed to any of the under-active, active or over-active ones. 

The feelings and emotions related to the third Chakra, may include besides Personal Power

  • power of will
  • authority
  • self-respect
  • self-appreciation / - love
  • ability to act
  • ability to face a crisis
  • the courage to take risks
  • character strength
  • ambition
  • controlling [everything in] one's living environment
  • generosity vs. egoism
  • taking responsibility
  • criticism
  • fighting for one's rights
  • (... you´ve got the feeling)

 What does it mean "an over-activated Chakra”? It is one doing too much of her job.

In terms of the feelings listed here above, that means a person who is overly concerned about one or more of the things in the list. A self-respect ending in fierce egoism. A power of will which becomes dictatorial. A character strength too strong or unforgiving. The impossibility to listen (and obey!) to others. Impossibility to accept having done a mistake.

Now it must be also obvious why mostly men have a hard belly fat. It’s because usually mostly the men have real problems with power and with authority. With "To Be Or Not To Be the boss". Power is basically a masculine, a yang characteristic, as opposed to the yin, feminine one.

That’s why it is also so difficult to get rid of this kind of hard fat from the bellies. The soft one goes away usually with diet. (Why, in this article.) However most men never realize they have a problem with being bossy, or with the acceptance of other people telling them what to do. 

How to Realize What Feelings Stick You to Your Hard Belly Fat

Wanting to get rid of the visceral fat and hence of the beer belly, means that you are ready to really change the feelings you resonate too much with from the list above. The ones about you think "This might be me" or you say with too much passion (article to come in 2014) without even pondering it "No, DEFINITELY NOT me". It´s not easy to make this introspection, but it´s well worth. Anyhow, nobody expects you saying "Boy, am I egoistical!" and change it next minute.

The best idea would be to ask your dear ones about your faults. It is disarming how good people around are to get our imperfections! Don´t deny, don´t justify yourself. Just think it over. The mere fact you are ready to listen dissolve some cells of your hard belly fat!

But now, at least, when somebody tells you how would it be easier to make something, you´ll maybe do consider listening to him (or her, ouch!, that really hurts...) After all, it´s about your health. About the length and the quality of your life. You have the choice: do you prefer this giving in, and this giving up of a need of power your body says it´s too much? Or do you prefer your hard belly (fat) and all the diseases this hard fat is the forerunner of? (A small hint: giving in will make you also more popular...)

If you decide to take the long hard way but leading to success: keep it 40 days and then it will be easier. (Why 40 days? I’ll talk about this some time before April 2014)

Law/s of Life at Work Here:

Law of Life no. 1

Everything in order to exist is built upon a basic information. Information is the heart of anything. 

Strong enough information gets a clothing of energy. Enough appropriate energy is clad in matter. It is as if an energy matrix is filled with matter. Very much like building a house: we first get the idea, than the plans (these are the information), we start putting our efforts and money into it (that is energy, money is energy too, look here!) and eventually on this information we put some matter. And there you are, our new house!

Applied to our hard fat belly article: our long time nurtured feelings are the information. And the fat is their materialization, through the mechanism described by Dr. Candace Pert. Change the feelings, and the fat will have no more "glue" to you!

 This article is an illustration for the...

Law of Life no. 2

As above, so below. As within. so without.

It is the holographic principle of the Universe. The part contains information about the whole and the whole contains information about its parts. That leads to the inner nature making itself obvious also at the surface.

Because of that, the state of health of our body can be read for example from the iris of our eyes. 

Applied here: our inner strength (the too-much stress set on Personal Power) makes itself obvious in the hard belly fat. 

The same way, our lack of strength, manifested as lack of self-discipline makes itself visible by a soft fat on our bellies.

Spiritual Intelligence / Personal  Development to Take Home

  • Like it or not, there is a connection between our behavior, thoughts and emotions on one side, and our body fat on the other. By reading the article yet to come about the almost Nobel-prized research of the science at work behind these connections, you will understand how.
  • If you are the proud owner of a beer belly and really want to change it, i.e. change your thoughts and hence, in time, your weight, search in the list above what fits you and work upon it with patience. Ask your dear ones, and / or make an introspection. It is tremendously important to be honest with yourself (article to come). It gets easier after the first 40 days! And you do get rid from within of your extra kilos - that is, without the dreaded yo-yo effect!!
  • Don´t try to change people around you (ditto) to have them loose their hard belly fat. The most you can do for them is to inform them about this connection to their emotions.

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